On this page, find examples of Mike's playing and improvising, etc.

You can also download** the most recent demo/experiment "Promotional Use Only - Not for Sale" in its entirety.
Feel free to grab the artwork, too a
nd make your own copies to share.

hear the music, simply click on a title and it will open in your default player. 
download**, PC users "right click, save target as."
Eugene's Trick Bag - Written by Steve Vai
Always With Me, Always With You - Written by Joe Satriani
Song for George - Written by Eric Johnson
Portrait of Tracy - Written by Jaco Pastorius
The Attitude Song - Written by Steve Vai

Download the Artwork:    
Cover      Inside Cover    CD Face
El Forastero (Bass Solo) - improvised
Cadillac Graveyard (Bass Solo) - improvised
Tres (Bass Solo) - improvised


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.......Mike takes a ride at 1:51. :)

** NOTE: Please Read!  In response to the emails asking us to post the original versions of these songs for comparison, we will not be posting the originals here for download.  We encourage you to please purchase the original recordings.  The original artists deserve proper compensation for their work.  Thanks. ~Webmaster